Classic 27

The Bull’s Classic 27 grams is a dart set featuring barrels made of 80% Tungsten, offering an exquisite entry-level choice within the Bull’s Dart series. Meticulously crafted, these darts are designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability on the dartboard.

Designed with a fine grip, the Bull’s Classic dart ensures players have a comfortable and controlled throwing experience, allowing for improved accuracy and consistency in each throw. The dart set includes the Bull’s Classic Powerflite, which optimizes the dart’s flight stability for enhanced precision.

Accompanied by the black Bull’s Nylon Medium Shaft and Bull’s Steel Dart Point Black 32mm, the Bull’s Classic 27 grams is a reliable and stylish option for both beginner and experienced dart players. Whether you’re just starting your dart journey or seeking a classic and dependable choice, the Bull’s Classic 27 grams is the perfect dart set to elevate your darts game. 


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
27 grams 48.1 millimetres 7.7 millimetres
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