Bullet Grooved 90%

The Bull’s Bullet 90% Tungsten dart set boasts the renowned “John Lowe” model, known for its compact size and exceptional performance. The Bullet Grooved 90% darts feature a serene ringed grip in the middle of the barrel, enhancing control and accuracy, while additional grooves on the nose offer extra grip for improved handling. With its user-friendly design, this dart set is a favorite among a wide range of players, providing effortless darting experiences.

Crafted in New Zealand, a hub for top-notch dart manufacturing, the Bullet Grooved Dartpijlen showcase exceptional craftsmanship and durability. The set is available in two weight options, catering to players’ preferences, with choices of 24 and 26 grams.

Accompanied by the Bull’s Bullet Series 100 flight, Simplex Medium Black Shaft, and Bull’s Steel Dart Points in Black 35mm, the dartset ensures optimal aerodynamics and stability during flight, enhancing your overall performance on the dartboard.

Each official Bull’s Bullet 90% Dart bears the iconic ‘Bull’s Logo’ laser engraving, assuring authenticity and superior quality. For players who prefer Softtip darts, the Bullet 90% series is also available in a Softtip variant, providing versatility to match various playing styles.


Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter
24 grams 41.9 millimetres 7.9 millimetres
26 grams 44.2 millimetres 7.9 millimetres
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