Wings Case Large

Introducing the new and improved Bull’s Wings Case! This upgraded version now holds 2 sets of darts instead of just 1, making it even more versatile for all dart enthusiasts. The upgrade applies to both the small and large Wings Cases. Additionally, the Bull’s Wings Case now accommodates moulded flights, ensuring you have all the essentials at hand.

Every darter knows the challenge of carrying their precious dart set around. Whether heading to the pub, visiting friends, or competing in a crucial match, it’s vital that your darts arrive intact. Many people use old wallets where shafts and flights stick out or tiny cases that barely hold anything.

The Bull’s Wings Case Large changes that. This case provides ample space for your favorite dart set, along with extra room for all your accessories. Foam inserts securely hold your flights, while dedicated holders keep your shafts organized. The case also features several zippered pockets for other essentials like sharpening stones. Built robustly, the case can withstand rough handling, ensuring your darts are always safe and ready for action.

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