Justin van Tergouw 90% P2

Product Details

The Bull’s Justin van Tergouw P2 is a 90% tungsten dart set and is fully developed by Justin van Tergouw himself. The JvT Phase 2 90% has a shark grip, combined with a phantom grip and a small notch in the middle. The dart set is available in both 23 and 25 gram. The dart set comes with the Bull’s Powerflite JvT, the natural Bull’s Nylon Medium Shaft and the Bull’s Steel Dart Points Black 35mm. Each official Bull’s Justin van Tergouw Phase 2 90% dart has both the ‘Bull’s’ and the ‘JvT’ logo laser engraved in the barrels.

SKU Weight Barrel Length Barrel Width
12823 23 gram 52.00 mm 6.60 mm
12825 25 gram 52.00 mm 6.90 mm