Spike 90%

The Bull’s Spike is a 90% tungsten dart and is best known for being the dart with the most grip ever made. The barrel of the Spike 90% dart has spikes on it which provide a huge grip. The Bull’s is Spike90% dart set available in one weight: 18 gram. Spike Softtip Darts are being manufactured in New Zealand, famous for its high quality darts. The dart set comes with the Bull’s Spike Powerflite, the Alabama Medium Black Shaft and the Bull’s Steel Darts Points Black 35mm. Each official Bull’s Spike 90 Dart has the ‘Bull’s’ logo engraved in the barrels. The Spike 90 is also available in Steeltip.

SKU Weight Barrel Length Barrel Width
18218 18 gram 47.10 mm 7.10 mm