@501 90%

The Bull’s @501 is a 90% tungsten dart and is famous for its pyramid grip. The barrel of the @501 90% has the unique ‘’Paul Lim Model’’. The Bull’s Softtip @501 90% dart set is available in one weight; 18 grams. @501 Softtip Darts are being manufactured in New Zealand, famous for its high quality darts. The dart set comes with the Bull’s @ 501 Powerflite, the Simplex Black Medium Shaft and the Bull’s Nylon Nylaxx Points Black 21mm.
Each official Bull’s @501 90 Dart has the ‘Bull’s’ logo engraved in the barrels. The @501 90 is also available in Steeltip.

SKU Weight Barrel Length Barrel Width
16718 18 gram 42.10 mm 7.35 mm