Tripod Dartboard Stand 2.0 - 64303

Solid stand where a dartboard, including surround, can easily be placed. Ideal for people that don’t want to drill holes into their walls.

Fitting Instructions:
1. Place your nominated dartboard face down and attach the supplied bracket using the centre hole of the dartboard ensuring the vertical of the bracket is in line between the 20 and the 3 on the other side.
2. Secure the board using the 2nd hole to restrict the board form any slight movement, this can be loosened on requiring to rotate the board.
3. Lifting the Tripod Dartstand from the box, Insert Extension Pole, Pull to the correct height and gently tighten to hold in place.
4. Slide the bracket over the vertical pole and again gently tighten to hold in place.
Your Tripod Dartstand is now ready for you to throw the darts.