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The major players release from Bull's NL

Published on: 18 August 2022

It can’t have escaped many a darts fan; Bull’s NL has released a large number of products over the past week. All these products were in the theme of #TeamBulls players. We have listed them all for you…

Surely the biggest star of the show is Martijn Kleermaker. His entry into Bull’s NL is being celebrated in a big way with an assortment of his own.
From his new modern 90% & 80% tungsten matchdarts, to his own Ultimate Card, shirts, and brass darts; there is something for every fan…

In addition, Max Hopp was highlighted with his new Edition 4 90% darts. These darts were made exactly to Max Hopp’s wishes. This is the upgrade Max wanted from his darts.
In addition, Max has received his own Ultimate Cards, something he should be proud of.

Last, but certainly not least, was Kim Huybrechts. He takes his dart skills to the next level by using the professional Condor flight and shaft system. Bull’s didn’t fail to notice this and they immediately joined forces with Condor! The result is the Kim Huybrechts Condor Flights.