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The Bull's October 2022 Launch

Published on: 20 October 2022

Today we welcome Filip Ljubenko to #TeamBull’s!

Filip is an up-and-coming natural talent from Croatia, who we had our eye on for a while. With great pleasure, we started working with Filip, producing the new Filip Ljubenko 90% Tungsten steel and softtip darts! With these darts, Filip is ready to take the dart world by storm. Keep an eye on him…

We are also launching our Pro Player Cases range! With a Bulls Pro Player Case, in the theme of one of our star players, you are assured of the optimal storage of your match darts. Van Duijvenbode, Kim Huybrechts, Max Hopp, Martijn Kleermaker and Maik Kuivenhoven use this case for all their matches.
This case has enough space for a set of darts with matching shafts and flights, as well as compartments for even more accessories. The case is finished with strong and shock-absorbent padding, preventing damage to your equipment as much as possible.

Furthermore, we are closing the launch strong with our new Bull’s Wings Cases!
We all have that one set of darts that goes everywhere with us. A night out to the pub, your friends, or sometimes even that important match. The most important thing then is that your darts arrive neat and tidy. Many people have some old wallet that your shafts and flights stick out of, or a very small case that you can’t really fit anything in.
That’s where the Bull’s Wings Case comes in to change that. This case holds your favourite set of darts, with extra space for all your accessories. The foam rubber safely holds your flights, while the other side of the case neatly holds your shafts. Furthermore, you will find some zippered pockets where you can store other accessories, such as your sharpening stones. The case is solidly put together so it can withstand quite a bit. So your darts are protected at all times!