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The Bull's December 2022 Launch

Published on: 15 December 2022

The Bull’s December 2022 Launch
Bull’s will make your Christmas complete.
As always, this launch is packed with top shelf new products! Check them out quickly below.
The Bull’s Flora Range.
“A flower uses no words to announce its arrival to the world; it simply blooms.”
The Bull’s Flora range is an 80% tungsten barrel series adorned with elements of the Zinnia, Camille and Hibiscus flowers. The precisely measured ring grips combined with flat grip pieces create a pleasing experience in the hand that many darters will appreciate.
The Bull’s Flora Range comes with the exclusive S100 Flora Range Powerflites.
The Bull’s Smoke Green 90%
There is no smoke unless there is fire, and that fire is you. Use the Smoke Green 90% barrel to set your opponent on fire. Elegantly designed with a bright green PCT coating and black finish. The specialized Bull’s ring and incision grips ensure flawless performance.
The Bull’s Concord 80%
After the resounding success of the Concord 90%, we were inspired to create an 80% version with an even more competitive price. And we succeeded. With its extremely pointed nose, this barrel allows the dart tip to flow smoothly and effortlessly into the barrel. It is in this way that Bull’s offers grip and aerodynamics previously unheard of in the dart industry.
The Bull’s Concord 80% features a barrel that is finished in silver and ends with a black steel tip. And when the black Bull’s shafts and Concord Flights are added, the Bull’s Concord 80% has an incredibly smooth appearance. It looks a bit like the airplane on which the dart is based.
Who knows, maybe your darts can also fly at Mach 2 ;)
The Bull’s Smiley Range
The Bull’s Smiley Flight range is a collection of the most used emoji’s on social media and chats! Now you can express yourself in a way that everyone recognizes! Due to its huge success, we have designed and produced four new additions!