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Results Dutch Open Bull´s Players

Published on: 06 February 2017

The annual Dutch Open Darts was organised from the 3rd of Februari until the 5th in the Bonte Wever in Assen. This presitgious Darttournament has been the biggest Darttournament of Europe for years and is open for people of all ages and skill levels. Freshly crowned youth world champion at the BDO Justin van Tergouw started with a giant Sheet of 4096 and qualified as group winner in the top 128. After winning this match he reached the top 64 players and qualified for the final day! Sadly he lost 4-0 to Scott Mitchell but he has shown a great performance for a player of his age! Another player called Marvin van Velzen put up a great show in the under 18 age group. Marvin managed to win his sheet of 32 players and placed in the top 8. Sadly he lost the quarterfinal to Ian Spaans with 3-1, but his performance is one the be very proud of as well. In the age group under 14 his younger brother Keanu van Velzen did something incredible. In his sheet of 128 he did something amazing and managed to the win it all. Of his 6 matches he didn’t lose a single leg in 5 of them. Bull’s NL is very proud of our 3 star players and their performances and we hope that they keep playing with a form this great in the future.