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Product Launch 02-05-2023

Published on: 02 May 2023

New Product Alert! Bull’s is thrilled to introduce five game-changing products for dart enthusiasts of all skill levels!

- Adam Gawlas E2 90% Darts: Designed for top performance and precision, these darts are perfect for professionals, casual players, and Adam Gawlas fans!

- Mario Vandenbogaerde Shell Coated Brass Darts: Elevate your game with this high-quality set designed for both performance and style, ideal for beginners and Mario Vandenbogaerde fans.

- Parrot Score Counter: Featuring 40 built-in dart games and 272 variations, this electronic scoreboard offers endless fun and challenge for all players.

- Plain Black Dart Polo: A stylish and functional choice for dart players of all levels, from casual to pro.

- Retro 100 Std. Flights: Durable, aerodynamic, and secure, these flights cater to a wide range of dart players and skill levels.

Shop these amazing new products at your favorite dart store now!