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Max Hopp Darts + Training

Published on: 24 November 2017

Max Hopp’s week of training in Holland
Shortly after announcing the signing of the German supertalent Max Hopp, Bull’s NL invited the Maximiser for a week of training in Holland. In the weeks before the signing, Max and Bull’s NL, under supervision of Jacques Nieuwlaat, worked on Max his new darts setup. These test sessions led to the development of the Max Hopp Darts, available at Bull’s NL.

The week of training consisted of a strictly planned combination of physical and mental training and dart-specific training, with some relaxing moments in between.
The physical training part was done at the facilities of ADO Den Haag. Max was accompanied by Raymond van Barneveld, one of the most famous ADO fans. After the training, it was time to play some darts, together with ADO’s dart-loving players. Max and Raymond were challenged by players like Lex Immers (known to own a PDC Tour card!), Tom Beugelsdijk and Thomas Meissner, which led to an official match between Germany and The Netherlands.

To let Max get used to his new Bull’s NL set of darts, Max dived in the world of competitive darts in the pubs and bars in Holland. At Café de Buitenhof, home to the team of Mastercaller Jacques Nieuwlaat, Max was able to play various matches on a high level.

The PDPA World Championship qualifier, played on Monday November 27th in Milton Keynes in England, is Max his final opportunity to qualify for the PDC World Championships. In light of this qualifier, Max has been training with Raymond van Barneveld a lot last week. Raymond is of course one of the most experienced players in the field and of course also one of the most skilled players out there. Therefore, he was perfect for Max as both a trainings partner as well as a mentor. Bull’s NL thanks Raymond as a friend for his effort this week!

Bull’s NL wishes Max the very best of luck at the PDPA World Championship qualifier next Monday. We are already very pleased with the first weeks of partnership and look forward to a great time with the Maximiser!