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Launch Justin van Tergouw JvT 90% Darts

Published on: 08 August 2018

Last weekend Justin van Tergouw has added a major title to his victories. By winning the Belgian Masters he received his first seniors international trophy. In our last message we have already announced that he has won this title by using a prototype of his new Justin van Tergouw 4.0 darts. From now these darts are available in Black Titanium 90% in 23 and 25 grams!
A special note to this is that he became back to back Lakeside Youth World Champion last January, using his father’s Lucien own set of darts. After this great win, Bull’s NL and Justin have worked together intensively in developing this new set of darts: Justin van Tergouw 4.0 Black Titanium 90%.

In shape and grip these darts are almost similar to the darts his father Lucien van Tergouw has always been throwing with. Lucien van Tergouw was a good dart player who suddenly died from a heart attack on 16 October 2006, age 38. Justin, only 6 years old by that time, started playing darts a couple of months after this tragic loss. Now, almost 12 years later, he has grown to a unique talent. It is very special that Justin has won his first big title, using this set of darts!

In loving memory of Lucien van Tergouw

Click to see more details: in JvT 4.0 90%.