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Fantastic result for Max Hopp at the European Darts Championship!

Published on: 28 October 2018

From Thursday the 25th to the 28th of October, the European Darts Championship was played in Dortmund, Germany. This tournament was open to the 32 highest classed players from the Eurotour Order of Merit. The 8 highest qualified players were seeded.
Max Hopp and recent acquisition Martin Schindler both played the tournament on behalf of Team Bulls NL. Sadly Martin Schindler could not beat James Wade in the first round. The score ended up 6-3 in the Englishman’s favour. Martin, sadly you could reach your usual potential, but we are convinced that you’re a great fit for our team, and the results will follow!
Max Hopp played a memorable first round against William O’Connor. The Irishman was annoyed and distracted by a super enthusiastic German audience –which was, of course, on Hopp’s side- and it showed. It earned him a warning from referee George Noble. In the end Max claimed the victory with 6-1/
In the 2nd round he was up against an experience English player called James Wilson. For a while they were equally matched, but with a 156-finish at 8-7, the 7th seed Hopp takes the win. It means his first quarterfinal for the PDC at a televised event!
In the quarterfinal, Max Hopp was up against a tough opponent, Englishman “Demolition Man” Darren Webster. Webster, whom astonished audiences by placing in the top 8 at the PDC World Cup. He managed to trail behind Max Hopp to a 5-5 score, but Hopp broke through his defences. In a thunderous arena the “Maximiser” manages to win the final 5 legs and makes it to the Semi Final… a fantastic performance!
James Wade was Max Hopp’s opponent in the Semi Final. Wade, owner of an imposing honour role, seems to be on his way back to the top after a somewhat lacking season. The German 22-year old starts off strong with 2 126 finishes and a 12-darter, and takes the lead with 3-2 before the first break, and 7-3 before the second. Wade, however, owns up to his reputation of being hard to shake, and fights himself back into the game from a 9-6 in Hopp’s favour. Max Hopp starts the 20th leg and seems to be deciding the game, but sadly misses 3 matchdarts. James Wade does manage to finish the leg and could open the deciding leg. With a 102-finish, Wade takes this beautiful “Darts-thriller” to his advantage. James Wade proved to be the strongest in the end by beating the Australian Simon Whitlock with 11-8 in the finals.
Max, You have once again showcased your skills in front of an excited audience in your home country! Sadly the finale spot was just out of reach, but we at Team Bull’s NL are proud of your performance… Congratulations!