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Dirk van Duijvenbode - Aubergenius

Published on: 28 December 2020

In 2020 Dirk went through a real change. It is now known that Dirk has worked hard both physically and mentally. He uses a mental trainer and physiotherapy. He also eats an aubergine almost every day !!!.
At the beginning of this year we extended the contract with Dirk because we have complete confidence in the traject he has taken.
Dirk managed to go from the nickname Titan to Aubergenius in 4 tournaments.
We have so much faith in Dirk that just before the World Cup we launched a completely new competition dartsset in which we matched the color of his barrel to the color of an aubergine.
The Steeltip is available in 23 and 25 grams
The Softtip is available in 20 grams.
Aubergenius has provided proof by beating Rob Cross, former 2018 World Champion, at the 2020 World Cup.