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Bull's releases new products at ISPO Munich

Published on: 20 February 2020

The new year has barely started, but we had a blast making the best out of it already! We had the pleasure of presenting all of our newly launched products at the ISPO in Munich last month, experiencing genuine excitement and approval from exhibitors from all across the world.

Naturally, a release isn’t complete with a proper new dart. However, we always try to outdo ourselves. So what’s better than a new dart? Eight new darts, of course.

We are proud to announce two new dart-ranges; the Blue Pegasus, adding 3 new darts to the already existing Pegasus range and the Smoke Gold, Silver and Black, an entirely new range. Both ranges include the individually designed darts in both steeltip and softtip.

Our Blue Pegasus range is a series of beautifully designed 95% tungsten darts with complementary blue details added into the barrel. All three darts are uniquely designed and have their own look and feel. Completing the darts are the firm, same-coloured Aviation shafts, uniting the one of a kind flight and barrel. Not a myth, but definitely mythological.

The also newly presented Smoke darts were an immediate hit. These 80% black titanium tungsten darts are a beautiful addition to our product range, being both gorgeous and affordable with a Smoke flight to match. With three different designs and three different weights, there should be enough options make all bad performances go up in smoke.

On top of that, we presented new Team Bull’s NL player darts for Maik Kuivenhoven and Marvin van Velzen. Both players use a 90% tungsten darts, with their own design and unique flight.

Now while we love a traditional game of darts, there is always room for improvement. Why not try to take your game to the next level? Together with Jacques Nieuwlaat, we’ve been able to develop a brand new scoreboard allowing you to play the Mastercaller Double Game! Originally developed for professional darts players to improve their game. So who knows; you might actually get better!

Last but certainly not least, we have added Aviation Flight Protectors to our Aviation range. These ultra-strong, featherweight flight protectors are virtually indestructible. Due to these unique properties, you will rarely have to change the protector, whereas the extra weight of the flight protector is practically negligible.