Sebastian Steyer

Sebastian Steyer
The Dream
Left or Right
Walk-on Music
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

Sebastian Steyer is one of the newest signings of Team Bull’s NL. Sebastian, also known as The Dream, was born and raised in Poland.
In 2018 Sebastian was able to reach the last 32 of the 2018 World Masters. In 2019, he qualified for the 2019 Czech Darts Open in Prague as the Eastern Europe Qualifier.
Sebastian usually plays in blue, throwing custom made Bull’s darts of 24 grams with matching blue flights.

Played majors

TournamentParticipatedBest results
BDO World Trophy Men1Sem finals (2019)
World Championship Men1Last 32 (2020)
World Masters Men2Last 32 (2018)
Latest results
01/10/2021Niels-Jörgen HansenDenmark Masters MenLast 323 - 4Lost
05/09/2021Kevin DoetsPDC Challenge TourLast 162 - 5Lost
05/09/2021Martijn DragtPDC Challenge TourLast 325 - 4Won
05/09/2021Mindaugas BarauskasPDC Challenge TourLast 645 - 2Won
05/09/2021Andreas Toft-JørgensenPDC Challenge TourLast 1285 - 3Won
05/09/2021Kristiaan de BoerPDC Challenge TourLast 1281 - 5Lost
04/09/2021Ricardo PietreczkoPDC Challenge TourLast 1283 - 5Lost
04/09/2021Steven NosterPDC Challenge TourLast 321 - 5Lost
04/09/2021Kevin Van WauwePDC Challenge TourLast 645 - 4Won
04/09/2021Brian Rohmann-AndersenPDC Challenge TourLast 1285 - 3Won
03/09/2021Gary MawsonPDC Challenge TourLast 1282 - 5Lost
03/09/2021Owen RoelofsPDC Challenge TourLast 1283 - 5Lost
31/07/2021Laszlo KadarCzech Darts Open QualifiersET Qualifier Semi Finals4 - 6Lost
31/07/2021Sebastian BialeckiCzech Darts Open QualifiersET Qualifier Quarter Finals6 - 5Won
31/07/2021Patrik KovacsGibraltar Darts Trophy QualifiersET Qualifier Last 165 - 6Lost
31/07/2021Gabor SzitasGibraltar Darts Trophy QualifiersET Qualifier Preliminary6 - 2Won
04/07/2021Lukas WenigPDC Challenge TourLast 321 - 5Lost
04/07/2021Danny JansenPDC Challenge TourLast 645 - 0Won
04/07/2021Joey de JongPDC Challenge TourLast 1285 - 1Won
04/07/2021Michael RasztovitsPDC Challenge TourLast 643 - 5Lost