Michael Rasztovits

Michael Rasztovits
Left or Right
Walk-on Music
Redfoo - Juicy Wiggle

Michael Razstovits, also known as “Rasto”, is a diligent and ambitious dartsplayer who has deservedly earned his stripes within the world of darts. The Austrian talent was signed with Team Bull’s NL in 2019 and has currently developed his very own player darts, together with the experts of Bull’s NL.
Rasztovits won the PDC World East European Qualifiers, directly qualifying himself for the PDC World Championship in 2016. Michael also has the PDC Challenge Tour England under his belt, winning the title for himself back in 2015.

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PDC Challenge Tour2018 CT 19 Peterborough

Played majors

TournamentParticipatedBest results
PDC World Championship1Last 128 (2016)
UK Open2Last 64 (2018)
Latest results
15/10/2020Ritchie EdhouseInternational Darts Open QualifiersET Qualifier Quarter Finals4 - 6Lost
15/10/2020Ronny HuybrechtsInternational Darts Open QualifiersET Qualifier Last 166 - 4Won
15/10/2020Jerry HendriksEuropean Darts Grand Prix QualifiersET Qualifier Preliminary5 - 6Lost
15/10/2020Stefan BellmontInternational Darts Open QualifiersET Qualifier Preliminary6 - 5Won
11/10/2020James RichardsonPDC Challenge TourLast 323 - 5Lost
11/10/2020Robert CollinsPDC Challenge TourLast 645 - 3Won
11/10/2020John DaveyPDC Challenge TourLast 1285 - 3Won
11/10/2020Niall CulletonPDC Challenge TourPreliminary round1 - 5Lost
10/10/2020David EvansPDC Challenge TourPreliminary round2 - 5Lost
10/10/2020Tony ProcterPDC Challenge TourPreliminary round4 - 5Lost
09/10/2020Rusty-Jake RodriguezPDC Challenge TourLast 324 - 5Lost
09/10/2020Ross TwellPDC Challenge TourLast 645 - 4Won
09/10/2020Mark FrostPDC Challenge TourLast 1285 - 1Won
09/10/2020Erik MeulenmeestersPDC Challenge TourPreliminary round5 - 1Won
09/10/2020Stephen BurtonPDC Challenge TourPreliminary round1 - 5Lost
24/09/2020Jeffrey Van EgdomGerman Darts Championship QualifiersET Qualifier Preliminary5 - 6Lost
26/01/2020Aden KirkPDC Challenge TourLast 2564 - 5Lost
26/01/2020Kevin GarciaPDC Challenge TourLast 2561 - 5Lost
25/01/2020Scott MitchellPDC Challenge TourLast 163 - 5Lost
25/01/2020Lewis WilliamsPDC Challenge TourLast 325 - 3Won