Max Hopp

Max Hopp
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Max Hopp (Idstein, 1996) is a talented German dartsplayer, who became the 2015 PDC youth world champion.
“The Maximiser”qualified himself for the 2013 PDC-WC for the seniors and with that became the second youngest player to ever play in this tournament.
In April 2018, Max wrote dartshistory by winnin the German Darts Open in his home country. With it he became the first ever German player who won a PDC-championship with the seniors.
Max is also a regular contender in the German National Team, and just like Martin he will be playing at the 2019 PDC WC.
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Austrian Open Men2012
WDF Europe Cup Youth Boys Singles2012
PDC World Championship Youth2015
PDC Youth/Development Tour2016 DT 05 Muelheim
Italian Grand Masters Men2011
German Darts Open2018
Players Championships2018 PC 19 Dublin

Played majors

TournamentParticipatedBest results
European Championships4Sem finals (2018)
Grand Slam of Darts2Last 32 (2018), Last 32 (2016)
PDC World Championship7Last 32 (2015), Last 32 (2017), Last 32 (2019), Last 32 (2020)
Players Championship Finals2Last 32 (2019), Last 32 (2018)
UK Open2Last 32 (2019)
World Grand Prix2Last 32 (2018), Last 32 (2019)
World Matchplay2Last 16 (2019)
Latest results
23/02/2020Krzysztof RatajskiPlayers ChampionshipsLast 1283 - 6Lost
22/02/2020Adam HuntPlayers ChampionshipsLast 1283 - 6Lost
15/02/2020Vincent van der VoortPlayers ChampionshipsLast 324 - 6Lost
15/02/2020Ian WhitePlayers ChampionshipsLast 646 - 5Won
15/02/2020Mike van DuivenbodePlayers ChampionshipsLast 1286 - 1Won
14/02/2020Rowby-John RodriguezBelgian Darts Championship QualifiersET Qualifier Last 961 - 6Lost
09/02/2020Peter JacquesPlayers ChampionshipsLast 1280 - 6Lost
08/02/2020Reece RobinsonPlayers ChampionshipsLast 1285 - 6Lost
22/12/2019Darius LabanauskasPDC World ChampionshipLast 322 - 4Lost
20/12/2019Benito van de PasPDC World ChampionshipLast 643 - 2Won
23/11/2019Glen DurrantPlayers Championship FinalsLast 325 - 6Lost
22/11/2019Jelle KlaasenPlayers Championship FinalsLast 646 - 3Won
04/11/2019Adam GawlasPDC World Championship YouthLast 324 - 6Lost
04/11/2019Joe DavisPDC World Championship YouthRound one group5 - 1Won
04/11/2019Jurjen van der VeldePDC World Championship YouthRound one group5 - 2Won
15/10/2019Andy JenkinsPlayers ChampionshipsLast 162 - 6Lost
15/10/2019Ian WhitePlayers ChampionshipsLast 326 - 2Won
15/10/2019Josh PaynePlayers ChampionshipsLast 646 - 4Won
15/10/2019Darius LabanauskasPlayers ChampionshipsLast 1286 - 0Won
14/10/2019Maik KuivenhovenPlayers ChampionshipsLast 644 - 6Lost