Marvin van Velzen

Marvin van Velzen
The Terminator
Left or Right
Walk-on Music
Two Brothers on the 4th Floor - Come Take My Hand

Marvin “The Terminator” van Velzen (Delft, 2000) has proven himself a great youth talent in the past few years, who has just made the switch to seniors.
Considering his potential, expectations are high that he will also profile himself as a great promise with the seniors as well.
Marvin has already played countless games for the Dutch Youth Team and with it already won some prizes.
He throws competitions at a high level, namely the First Division and Superleague at DKE DW Repair.
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WDF Europe Cup Youth Boys Overall2017
WDF Europe Cup Youth Boys Teams2017
Luxembourg Open Youth2016
Police Masters Youth2017
Polish Open Youth2017

Played majors

TournamentParticipatedBest results
World Masters Men1 (2018)
Latest results
05/09/2021Eduard SzaboPDC Challenge TourLast 1282 - 5Lost
05/09/2021Gary MawsonPDC Challenge TourLast 1280 - 5Lost
04/09/2021Kai GotthardtPDC Challenge TourLast 1280 - 5Lost
04/09/2021Roberto VandaelePDC Challenge TourLast 1281 - 5Lost
03/09/2021Toni AlcinasPDC Challenge TourQuarter-finals2 - 5Lost
03/09/2021Sebastian BialeckiPDC Challenge TourLast 165 - 4Won
03/09/2021Steve WollenerPDC Challenge TourLast 325 - 2Won
03/09/2021Kevin Van WauwePDC Challenge TourLast 645 - 2Won
03/09/2021José JusticiaPDC Challenge TourLast 321 - 5Lost
03/09/2021Michael RasztovitsPDC Challenge TourLast 645 - 4Won
03/09/2021Michael HahnPDC Challenge TourLast 1285 - 1Won
22/08/2021Moreno BlomPDC Youth/Development TourLast 1281 - 4Lost
22/08/2021Tobias ScheiflPDC Youth/Development TourLast 1281 - 4Lost
21/08/2021Niels ZonneveldPDC Youth/Development TourLast 643 - 4Lost
21/08/2021Florian BirzerPDC Youth/Development TourLast 1284 - 0Won
21/08/2021Bradly RoesPDC Youth/Development TourLast 1280 - 4Lost
21/08/2021Niklas LandePDC Youth/Development TourPreliminary round4 - 1Won
20/08/2021Kevin DoetsPDC Youth/Development TourLast 642 - 4Lost
20/08/2021Leopold PiribauerPDC Youth/Development TourLast 1284 - 2Won
20/08/2021Felix BollmannPDC Youth/Development TourPreliminary round4 - 2Won