Keanu van Velzen

Keanu van Velzen
The Lion
Left or Right

Keanu “The Lion” van Velzen (Zoetermeer, 2003) is Marvin’s younger brother en like him, living in Maasdijk. Keanu has a lot of talent, something he displayed in Febuari of 2017 by winning the Dutch Open for the youth.
Keanu is currently very active in the youth circuit, where he consistently stays amongst the top of the ranking.
We expect a great future for him in the world of Darts.
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Latest results
21/04/2019Joe DavisPDC Youth/Development TourLast 320 - 4Lost
21/04/2019Tommy LishmanPDC Youth/Development TourLast 641 - 4Lost
21/04/2019Conor MayesPDC Youth/Development TourLast 644 - 3Won
21/04/2019Chester GardnerPDC Youth/Development TourLast 1284 - 1Won
21/04/2019Jonathan ThorndikePDC Youth/Development TourLast 1284 - 0Won
21/04/2019Jodie RichardsonPDC Youth/Development TourPreliminary round4 - 3Won
21/04/2019Jordan GammonPDC Youth/Development TourPreliminary round4 - 1Won
20/04/2019Danny KeyPDC Youth/Development TourLast 1283 - 4Lost
20/04/2019Mike van DuivenbodePDC Youth/Development TourPreliminary round0 - 4Lost
20/04/2019Aaron CastagnettePDC Youth/Development TourPreliminary round4 - 1Won
10/01/2019Levy FrauenfelderBDO World Championship YouthLast 321 - 3Lost
04/10/2018Jurjen van der VeldeWorld Masters BoysSemi-finals2 - 4Lost
04/10/2018Danny de GraafWorld Masters BoysQuarter-finals4 - 3Won
04/10/2018Pim Van BijnenWorld Masters BoysLast 164 - 0Won
04/10/2018Jack MaleWorld Masters BoysLast 324 - 1Won
04/10/2018Nathan GirvanWorld Masters BoysLast 644 - 3Won
04/10/2018Gian van VeenWorld Masters BoysPreliminary round4 - 2Won
27/09/2017Katie SheldonBDO World Championship YouthLast 321 - 3Lost
27/09/2017Paul Burke-jnrBDO World Championship YouthLast 643 - 2Won
27/09/2017Owen CubittBDO World Championship YouthLast 1283 - 1Won