Justin van Tergouw

Justin van Tergouw
Left or Right
Walk-on Music
Chef's Special - Amigo

Justin van Tergouw (Utrecht, 2000) is the ruling back-to-back youth-World Champion. Justin has been marked by experts as the worlds biggest talent of his generation.
His honourrole is imposing and it doesnt just include youth titles. Something to note is that he won almost everything there was to win with the Dutch National Team.
In a short amount of time Justin managed to win the 2018 Belgian open and the Hemeco Open with the seniors. This indicates that Justin is obviously ready for the big leagues!
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WDF Europe Cup Youth Boys Overall2015, 2016, 2017
WDF Europe Cup Youth Boys Pairs2015, 2016
WDF World Cup Youth Boys Pairs2015, 2017
WDF World Cup Youth Overall2015, 2017
World Masters Boys2015, 2016
Finder Darts Masters Youth2015, 2016
WDF Europe Cup Youth Boys Singles2016
WDF Europe Cup Youth Boys Teams2016, 2017
WDF World Cup Youth Boys Singles2017
WDF World Cup Youth Mixed Pairs2017
BDO World Championship Youth2018, 2017
Belgium Masters Men2018

Played majors

TournamentParticipatedBest results
World Masters Men2 (2018)
Latest results
04/11/2019Martin SchindlerPDC World Championship YouthLast 163 - 6Lost
04/11/2019Geert NentjesPDC World Championship YouthLast 326 - 2Won
04/11/2019Charlie SymonsPDC World Championship YouthRound one group5 - 1Won
04/11/2019Connor PickettPDC World Championship YouthRound one group5 - 2Won
03/11/2019Dean FinnPDC Youth/Development TourLast 322 - 4Lost
03/11/2019Callum WilsonPDC Youth/Development TourLast 644 - 1Won
03/11/2019Sebastian PohlPDC Youth/Development TourLast 1284 - 1Won
03/11/2019Lennon CradockPDC Youth/Development TourPreliminary round4 - 3Won
02/11/2019Ben CheesemanPDC Youth/Development TourQuarter-finals2 - 5Lost
02/11/2019Mike van DuivenbodePDC Youth/Development TourLast 164 - 1Won
02/11/2019Xiao-Chen ZongPDC Youth/Development TourLast 324 - 0Won
02/11/2019Robin BegerPDC Youth/Development TourLast 644 - 1Won
02/11/2019Samuel KapurPDC Youth/Development TourLast 1284 - 0Won
02/11/2019Justin HewittPDC Youth/Development TourPreliminary round4 - 2Won
23/10/2019Benjamin PratnemerWorld Masters MenLast 2561 - 3Lost
05/09/2019Wesley PlaisierEuropean Darts Matchplay QualifiersET Qualifier Quarter Finals5 - 6Lost
05/09/2019Levy FrauenfelderEuropean Darts Matchplay QualifiersET Qualifier Last 166 - 2Won
05/09/2019Mike De DeckerEuropean Darts Matchplay QualifiersET Qualifier Preliminary6 - 5Won
18/08/2019Dan ReadPDC Youth/Development TourLast 643 - 4Lost
18/08/2019Jurjen van der VeldePDC Youth/Development TourLast 1284 - 1Won