Gergely Lakatos

Gergely Lakatos
The Padlock
Left or Right

Gergely Lakatos (Budapest, 2001) is one of the biggest young Hungarian talents. He is the 2018 European Champion of the EDU U18 in Softtip Darts.
His nickname Padlock comes from his Hungarian name, “Lakat” means padlock. He is the reigning Hungarian youth champion, and made his first appearance in 2017 when qualifying himself into the youth championship. Then he won a bronze medal at the European Youth Championship in Ankara with his pair. In 2019 he played quarter final in the PDC European Q-School serie in Hildesheim.
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Austrian Open Boys2018
Czech Open Boys2017
Latest results
31/10/2020Karoly GreksaHungarian Classic MenQuarter-finals5 - 6Lost
31/10/2020Pál SzékelyHungarian Classic MenLast 166 - 3Won
09/02/2020Szabolcs NemethInternational Darts Open QualifiersET Qualifier Last 324 - 6Lost
09/02/2020Szabolcs NemethAustrian Darts Open QualifiersET Qualifier Last 325 - 6Lost
09/02/2020Petr MalyInternational Darts Open QualifiersET Qualifier Preliminary6 - 3Won
08/02/2020Michal SmejdaEuropean Darts Grand Prix QualifiersET Qualifier Last 165 - 6Lost
08/02/2020Nandor PresGerman Darts Championship QualifiersET Qualifier Last 323 - 6Lost
08/02/2020Sebastian SteyerEuropean Darts Grand Prix QualifiersET Qualifier Last 326 - 2Won
07/02/2020Boris KoltsovBelgian Darts Championship QualifiersET Qualifier Last 323 - 6Lost
07/02/2020Petr MalyBelgian Darts Championship QualifiersET Qualifier Preliminary6 - 2Won
26/01/2020Gabriel PascaruRomanian Open MenLast 323 - 4Lost
25/01/2020Martin Marti-SantamariaRomanian Classic MenQuarter-finals2 - 4Lost
25/01/2020Craig VenmanRomanian Classic MenLast 164 - 2Won
25/01/2020Romeo GrbavacRomanian Classic MenLast 324 - 3Won
19/01/2020Sebastian PohlQ-SchoolLast 2563 - 5Lost
18/01/2020Jitse van der WalQ-SchoolLast 643 - 5Lost
18/01/2020Adam GawlasQ-SchoolLast 1285 - 2Won
18/01/2020Meik DankersQ-SchoolLast 2565 - 0Won
17/01/2020Mike De DeckerQ-SchoolLast 2561 - 5Lost
17/01/2020Meik DankersQ-SchoolPreliminary round5 - 2Won