Dirk van Duijvenbode

Dirk van Duijvenbode
's Gravenzande
Left or Right
Walk-on Music
DJ Typhoon - Glimpse of the Future

Dirk van Duijvenbode (Katwijk aan Zee, 1992), nicknamed “The Titan” is an experienced Dutch dartplayer, who has been with the PDC since 2011.
Dirk made his debut in 2016 at the PDC World Cup, but had to fold in the first round against Raymond van Barneveld.
Dirk is determined to quickly return to this stage! His walk-on to the stage is very remarkable; escorted by Hardcore-music, Dirk approaches the stage with his unique armmovements.
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Q-School Ranking Tour Card2018-TourCard, 2020-TourCard

Played majors

TournamentParticipatedBest results
European Championships1Last 32 (2015)
PDC World Championship1Last 64 (2016)
UK Open7Last 32 (2016), Last 32 (2017), Last 32 (2018), Last 32 (2020)
Latest results
16/09/2020Michael van GerwenPlayers ChampionshipsLast 325 - 6Lost
16/09/2020John HendersonPlayers ChampionshipsLast 646 - 5Won
16/09/2020Jitse van der WalPlayers ChampionshipsLast 1286 - 1Won
15/09/2020Justin PipePlayers ChampionshipsLast 1284 - 6Lost
14/09/2020Michael van GerwenPlayers ChampionshipsLast 320 - 6Lost
14/09/2020Andy BoultonPlayers ChampionshipsLast 646 - 2Won
14/09/2020Maik KuivenhovenPlayers ChampionshipsLast 1286 - 5Won
13/09/2020Derk TelnekesPlayers ChampionshipsLast 1283 - 6Lost
12/09/2020Madars RazmaPlayers ChampionshipsLast 642 - 6Lost
12/09/2020Mike De DeckerPlayers ChampionshipsLast 1286 - 3Won
12/07/2020Nathan AspinallPlayers ChampionshipsLast 163 - 6Lost
12/07/2020Martijn KleermakerPlayers ChampionshipsLast 326 - 3Won
12/07/2020Ryan JoycePlayers ChampionshipsLast 646 - 4Won
12/07/2020Kirk ShepherdPlayers ChampionshipsLast 1286 - 5Won
11/07/2020Ian WhitePlayers ChampionshipsLast 642 - 6Lost
11/07/2020Jamie LewisPlayers ChampionshipsLast 1286 - 2Won
10/07/2020Ricky EvansPlayers ChampionshipsLast 643 - 6Lost
10/07/2020Darren PenhallPlayers ChampionshipsLast 1286 - 1Won
09/07/2020Niels ZonneveldPlayers ChampionshipsLast 321 - 6Lost
09/07/2020Joe CullenPlayers ChampionshipsLast 646 - 5Won