Adam Gawlas

Adam Gawlas
Left or Right
Walk-on Music
Delinquent Habits - Return of the Tres

Adam Gawlas is a great talent from the Czech Republic.
He came into contact with darts in the spring of 2019 and quickly discovered that he has talent for it.
Adam is still in school and is following a course in electro technical direction.
His family supports his dart career and he is supported by Bulls NL in materials and playing techniques.

Latest results
01/03/2020Dom TaylorPDC Youth/Development TourPreliminary round2 - 4Lost
01/03/2020Marcus KirchmannPDC Youth/Development TourLast 642 - 4Lost
01/03/2020Lewis PlankPDC Youth/Development TourLast 1284 - 0Won
01/03/2020Ross BlackPDC Youth/Development TourPreliminary round4 - 2Won
29/02/2020Charlie SymonsPDC Youth/Development TourPreliminary round3 - 4Lost
29/02/2020Kevin DoetsPDC Youth/Development TourLast 160 - 4Lost
29/02/2020Philipp HagemannPDC Youth/Development TourLast 324 - 1Won
29/02/2020Joshua RichardsonPDC Youth/Development TourLast 644 - 2Won
29/02/2020James BeetonPDC Youth/Development TourLast 1284 - 3Won
29/02/2020Liam WaddinghamPDC Youth/Development TourPreliminary round4 - 3Won
09/02/2020Tytus KanikAustrian Darts Open QualifiersET Qualifier Final Qualifying round6 - 3Won
09/02/2020Dimitrij GorbunovAustrian Darts Open QualifiersET Qualifier Semi Finals6 - 5Won
09/02/2020Szabolcs NemethAustrian Darts Open QualifiersET Qualifier Quarter Finals6 - 0Won
09/02/2020Sebastian SteyerInternational Darts Open QualifiersET Qualifier Last 161 - 6Lost
09/02/2020Patrik KovacsAustrian Darts Open QualifiersET Qualifier Last 166 - 5Won
09/02/2020David RosiInternational Darts Open QualifiersET Qualifier Last 326 - 0Won
09/02/2020Nandor PresAustrian Darts Open QualifiersET Qualifier Last 326 - 3Won
09/02/2020Wojciech BrulinskiAustrian Darts Open QualifiersET Qualifier Preliminary6 - 3Won
08/02/2020Benjamin PratnemerEuropean Darts Grand Prix QualifiersET Qualifier Semi Finals3 - 6Lost
08/02/2020Michal SmejdaEuropean Darts Grand Prix QualifiersET Qualifier Quarter Finals6 - 5Won