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Bull’s NL new product Launch, April 23rd 2019.

Publiziert am: 15 April 2019

Bull’s NL proudly presents flights and/or darts as used by no less than 3 newly signed players!

Dirk “Titan” van Duijvenbode
The 26-year old Dutchman has shown his skills on multiple stages, including the World Championships. Dirk is a familiar face in the Bull’s NL family and together with us, Dirk now has found the perfect set-up for his darts: the Bull’s NL Dirk van Duijvenbode 90%. His dart has a combination of Ringed and Phantom grip over the full length of the barrel. The darts are available in both 23 and 24 grams and will be built up with a Bull’s Black Medium ringed Nylon shafts and the new 100-micron Powerflite Dirk van Duijvenbode (no.2), available at our website! Fun fact: Dirk himself plays with a red Robson flight, also available at Bull’s NL.

Maik Kuivenhoven
Maik Kuivenhoven also is a ‘local’. He lives in our hometown Naaldwijk in the Netherlands. Last January, Maik managed to surprise friend and foe by winning a PDC Tourcard at Q-school, with which he can play all PDC tournaments in the next 2 years! Bull’s NL is confident that the 30-year old Maik will play some fine darts with fantastic results. The Maik Kuivenhoven Powerflite (no2) is available at our website.

Gergely “The Padlock” Lakatos
Gergely Lakatos is a very talented young player from Hungary. He is the reigning EDU European Champion Softtip Under 18. His nickname Padlock is inspired by his last name; with ‘lakat’ meaning ‘padlock’ in Hungarian. Padlock had his breakthrough at the Hungarian Youth Championships, where he managed to claim the title. More recently, Gergely reached the Quarter Finals in European Q-school in Hildesheim, just missing out on the PDC Tour card. Bull’s NL, in collaboration with Gergely, has manufactured a new 90% and a new 70% tungsten barrel for the Hungarian talent. These new match darts are strikingly slim, with a strong ringed grip and black and red rings on the barrel.

Airstriper shafts
The Airstriper shaft is Bull’s NL newest invention in the world of shafts. With 5 fresh colours, combined with black, the shaft is manufactured with deep, straight grooves in the Nylon shafts. With a length of 47,2 mm, a Bull’s NL logo and a 2mm silver ring to grip the flight, these new Airstriper shafts are a very modern addition to our assortment!